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From: Jake Toksmer
Subject: College and Grad Preteen Fuck School 5I really want to thank everyone who’s emailed me - it’s been very
encouraging and I really appreciate it.Thanks, and I hope you continue to enjoy!JakeChapter 5: Soundtrack to Passion (lol)It was mid-October when Preteen Fuck
Jeremy had come out to me and early-November before
he and I first had sex. However, it was like I had created a monster.
Jeremy wanted to be together 24/7, which was cute and nice, but he wanted
to be going at it almost 24/7, too! It was very, very fun, and I have to
admit it was kind of exciting - keeping our relationship reasonably secret
(for Jeremy’s benefit and his desire to get into a fraternity, from my
roommate since he hadn’t figured it out), yet being obnoxious in front of
Stan, Jeremy’s foreign roommate.We hadn’t exactly planned to be as terrible as we ultimately were to Stan.
But really, the kid was annoying and had some issues. We just didn’t help
matters.Since Stan had caught us kissing we figured we’d use Jeremy’s room as our
little place to be together. I started sleeping there a fair amount, and
it was SO hard to do. I’ve already mentioned the screaming/singing the kid
did, and it was hysterical that it just continued. Probably became even
more pronounced, but I can’t really blame the kid for making more noise.Jeremy and I were pretty much having sex whenever we could. I knew Dave’s
schedule very well and Jeremy knew Stan’s, so we had a place to go to when
one of our roommates was out. And while we were fitting in sex up fairly
often, nothing compared to sleeping together the way we did the first few
nights - making love Preteen Fuck and then falling asleep together.One night we decided to try it, though - well, we didn’t so much “decide”
as just “get to the point where we couldn’t help it/didn’t care.” Stan was
reading something and Jeremy and I were on his bed (the top bunk), just
about to go to bed. We were stripping down and tossing clothes down to the
floor below us. Both down to our underwear, we slipped under the covers
and started making out heavily.He was lying on top of me while we were kissing pretty heavily. He reached
down and started to rub my dick through the front of my briefs, quickly
getting me hard. But we stopped… er, slowed down a bit. We relaxed and
then laid there for a couple of minutes before going back to it, only to
have to slow down a little bit again.Finally Stan turned out the light and went to bed. As per usual, he put on
his headphones and started shrieking like a tortured cat in whatever
language he spoke and Jeremy and I went back to making out. But as I
slipped my hands down his underwear to stroke his dick, I instead stopped
and grabbed the waistband, pushing them down and letting his hard-on have
some freedom. He took over and pushed them down and kicked them off. And
I did the same. Shaking the bunk beds no doubt quite a lot while Stan
continued shrieking, we tossed our underwear off the bed and over towards
Jeremy’s desk and kicked the sheets off.We kept making out and kissing, now stroking one another’s rods while doing
so. While I was lying there, Jeremy reached to one side of his mattress
and where the boards his mattress rested on he had a stash of
who-knows-what. But some lube appeared from nowhere and put some on my
dick, and some on his hole. He then crept up over me, crouched up, and
grabbed my dick, maneuvering himself down onto me. He came all the way
down until his body was resting on mine.I think we both laughed - we had an ungodly soundtrack as he started to
ride up and down, up and down. He was leaking pre-cum in nothing flat
moaning loudly; pretty soon I could feel him tense up. I tilted my head up
a bit as his ass clamped down tight on my dick and he shot his load. Preteen Fuck A
tiny bit made it all the way up to my face, landing on my chin and lower
lip. The rest was on my chest and stomach. I licked my Preteen Fuck lip, all I could
reach, and he kept riding, knowing I hadn’t yet come and wanting me to hit
that climax, too.He kept up his pace, though, while I did virtually nothing but enjoy this
hottie riding my dick. Eventually, I could feel it coming. I begged him
to go faster, moaning as he tried to and only Preteen Fuck coming down on my dick
harder. It was awesome. Finally, I blew my load up into him, and he came
crashing down, licking the bit of his cum that hit my chin but leaving his
tongue hanging out of his mouth. It had cooled, yeah, but frenching him
and getting that last little bit was pretty sweet. I was sliding out of
him as we kissed and embraced, the cum that exploded out of him onto my
chest sticking us both together a little.We had nothing up there to clean ourselves off, and just laid there for a
few minutes, naked, drained, and listening to Stan’s “music.” Eventually,
there was silence from the bottom bunk as the evening’s performance drew to
a close (for both bunks). Almost as soon as it was quiet, with Jeremy
lying a Preteen Fuck little on top of me, just to my left, the cum having all but dried
on both of us, I drifted off to sleep.The next morning, Stan was up and out of there pretty quickly. As far as I
know, there hadn’t been any covers on us when he left, so he could have
seen two naked guys looking rather spent lying in the bunk above his head.
Jeremy and I laughed like hyenas when we talked about what we had
done… sex, with his roommate clearly awake and sounding like a wounded
seagull.It certainly took care of our inhibitions having sex in one of our
rooms… or so we thought. So we decided to go ahead and start having sex
whenever we wanted at night after he’d gone to bed. It wasn’t that big a
deal after Preteen Fuck
a week or so.After that, however, was quite a different story.We got a little carried away, lost track of time, or Stan’s class was
cancelled. Whatever the case was, we were not expecting him back any time
soon.Jeremy and I were up in his bed, already naked after coming back from the
gym. I was massaging his back - he was lying on his stomach while I rubbed
his back. I kept leaning in and kissing the back of his neck and his
shoulders whenever I moved up towards the top of his back, letting my dick
playfully slide over his crack. I was soon getting pre-cum all over his
butt, but he didn’t care. He Preteen Fuck
was enjoying the massage and the kisses.But he was getting turned on. He eventually put his hands up by his
shoulders and pushed up. As he got up onto all fours I lubed up and
started to push into him. He leaned back into me quickly and moaned
softly. And we sat there for a minute or two as I continued to rub his
upper back and shoulders. As I moved my hands up to his shoulders one last
time I put my hands over them and pulled him back into me as far as we
could go.I started pumping in and out of him, slowly, both of us enjoying it, Jeremy
letting out a moan of approval. I slowly picked up the pace, both of us
feeling every movement of the other one.And then we heard the click of the key in Preteen Fuck the lock to Jeremy’s dorm room.
Or, at least I heard it. And I paused just long enough to say to Jeremy:”Stan’s back, but I’m not stopping.”"Oh man… oh… oh…” and the ohs continued as I picked up my pace again.Stan walked in right then, and stopped when he came around the corner. I
saw him out of the corner of my eye but I just kept going, Jeremy in front
of me on all fours moaning and groaning to my thrusts.Jeremy turned his head after a few more seconds and looked right at Stan
and just said, “hey” and then turned his head back to the wall, continuing
to enjoy the pleasure I was giving his prostate. Preteen Fuck We kept going, his moans
getting louder, mine becoming audible, until we were both pretty much in
sync.I was in my own world… well, in Jeremy’s and my world. I wasn’t paying
attention to anything else and could have cared less that there was someone
else in the room. All I know is that I was pounding Jeremy’s ass and:”Yes, oh [somethingorother], yes!” we both said at the same time, Jeremy’s
hole contracting around my rod him blowing his load precisely as I shot
mine into him. We both slowed our breathing as the last of my thrusts
emptied into him and his dick drained itself of his load. He and I both
fell forward into his bed and just laid there. He put his arms out to
either side and I ran my hands down his arms to his hands, intertwining our
fingers as we laid there.I looked to the side and saw that Stan was sitting in his chair, back to
us, headphones on, and I could hear the music in them. So we weren’t going
to have to worry about a voyeur, though it definitely gave us a little rush
to be caught like that. I was a little creeped out by it a couple hours
later, after the adrenaline had worn off, but it was pretty exhilarating
when it happened.That night we actually slept in our own separate rooms. We tried to
maintain at least a little bit of normalcy without it being too obvious; we
were consciously trying to spend no more than three nights at Jeremy’s.But from then on, we didn’t think twice about having sex in front of
Jeremy’s roommate - starting, Preteen Fuck
finishing, getting caught, anything. It was
nothing to us, we just pretended he wasn’t there.One time, middle of the day, Jeremy came back from class and ran upstairs
to get me. I was, oddly, fully clothed, but he said to come on down as he
didn’t have much time - some meeting for the fraternity he was rushing. He
had found a frat he liked and decided to join, or they decided to take him,
or however it worked. Anyway, he didn’t have long as things were getting
into high gear and we knew our schedule, what there was of it, was going to
become difficult to maintain.I went back downstairs with him and the foreigner was in the room, pouring
over what I think was a big math book (hey look, no need to learn English).
Jeremy and I turned to each other and just went at it, stripping each other
and ourselves as quickly as we could. Without turning around, Stan grabbed
his headphones and I heard the muffled music start up. Jeremy and I
quickly got each other hard, and I went down to my knees and started
sucking him off.After a minute or two of that he pushed me off his dick and grabbed my
hand, and I stood up. He kissed me and asked me to turn around and lean
over the desk. I happily complied, but let out a little bit of a yelp when
he pushed into me hard and fast and with no lube save for my spit on his
dick. But it was okay - it was a feeling I hadn’t had in a long time, but
not unfamiliar to me, and I went with it. A little bit rougher and faster
would be okay after all the extra time we took.Anyway, Jeremy very quickly popped right into me and started pounding my
ass with wild abandon. We were both making some loud moaning noises and it
was really raucous. It was all I could do to hold myself up off the desk
as Jeremy kept driving in to me. And then he pulled all the way out.
Really fast, he pulled out, pushed back in, pulled out, pushed back in. It
was different, it was fast, it was rough, and I really enjoyed it.Jeremy came inside me really fast, but kept pounding, knowing I couldn’t be
far behind. And he was right. I came, and I came hard - all over his desk
and onto a few of his books. He popped right out and said we had to shower
fast, because of this meeting he had to attend.I stood there, a little bit surprised at how rough, fast, and intense
Jeremy had just been. It was different, much more experienced, and when we
talked about it later, came from a necessity to have some intimacy with me
before his schedule got really crazy. I told him to go ahead and run
shower, while I stayed there. I cleaned up his desk with a couple of paper
towels and wiped myself off, then pulled my underwear and jeans back on.
As I started to put my shoes on Jeremy came back - he really was in a
hurry. He kissed me, then threw his towel over his chair as he put on some
clothes for his fraternity meeting. He kissed me deeply right before we
walked out of his room… we walked towards the door, holding hands - when
we got there, though, I let go and walked up the stairs to go to my room as
he headed out of the dorm altogether.Sex wasn’t always like that while he was rushing. And fortunately, rush
wasn’t that long. It wasn’t the entire semester or anything, and there was
substantial time off. Our lovemaking was the same as it normally was,
until Jeremy found something he wanted to try.
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